Slurry pumps for ceramic industry

Pumps for the transfer of ceramic slip , ceramic glazes and plants for the recovery of powders to to be used in the production cycle again.

Our experience in this sector , in synergy with the efforts of our research and development , allows us to offer tailored solutions to typical problems of the ceramic industry .

We can do a lot to solve any specific problem of transport of abrasive material.

Anti-abrasive slurry pumps for Ceramic Industry for:

  • Transfer of slips from grinding mills to the storage tanks and from the storage tanks to tanks feeding the spray dryers;
  • Transfer of glazes to glazing cabins by means of special selpriming vertical pumps installed in containers in which the glaze is continuously mixed by the same working pump in order to prevent sedimentation.
  • Pumping of muddy waters coming from all working areas for their elimination or for the total recovery of the ceramic powders.
  • Fully automated patented systems for the recovery of the ceramic powders coming from the filters in the pressing machines areas and their mixing with water to obtain again slips with transfer to spray dryers for their immediate reutilization
  • Pumping of thickened sludge
  • Feeding of filter press for the great of the ceramic muds.g of filter press for the greatest dehydratation of the ceramic muds.

The greatest advantage of the PEMO Pumps in the ceramic industry is due to the almost unlimited duration of the rubber linings of casings and impellers, which in practical terms means that our pumps can work restless five/six years at least without maintenance.

PEMO PUMP MOD. S-ATM AO/AB/TC/AS-B77 for production of ceramic body

Our S-ATM Triple Stage Pumps are the premiere choice to feed spray dryers.
These slurry pumps are at the core of more ceramic plants and a constant technological success.
Capacity: from 0 to 60 m3/h of slip, density up to 1750 gr/lt
Pressure: up to 22/25 bar,

Slurry pump in use in Ceramic plant
Slurry pump ready to shipping

POWDER DISSOLVER to create a density-controlled liquid solution out of any type of dust soluble

The Pemo Powder Dissolver was designed to create a density-controlled liquid solution out of any type of dust soluble in water or other liquids. Its applications range from dust coming from dust filters, hydrocyclones on spray dryers, colored oxides, and recycled dusts.

Slurry Pumps of Pemo applied in ceramic customer