This month we want to tell you how Pemo Pumps can also offer their valuable contribution to the Ceramic Industry.

Our pumps can be used for the transport of different materials, such as slurry and ceramic glazes, and they can also be inserted inside dust recovery systems that can then be reinserted into the production cycle.

Our many years of experience allow us to find the most suitable solution to solve any specific problem in the transport of abrasive material.
As in other sectors our solutions are tailored to the typical problems of the ceramic industry.

Specifically, our anti-abrasive pumps can help you in:

  • Transfer of the slips from the grinding mills to the storage tanks and from the storage tanks to the atomizer feed tanks
  • Feeding of the ceramic glazes to the spray booths on the lines, using agitator mixers with PEMO mixing-dosing pump
  • Pumping and recovery of washing water from lines and mills
  • Dust recovery from press and their transformation into slurry, with transfer to the mill preload tanks
  • Pumping of thickened sludge
  • Filter press feeding

We are able to guarantee unlimited duration of the rubber coverings of impellers and bodies (some impellers are even available in a special wear-resistant alloy). In this way we will be able to assure you several years of operation without any maintenance.

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