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  • Conventions

    September full of events for us, we are going to participate in three important mining expositions.

  • Our Products

    A wide range of models and configuration of pumps, impellers and casing!

  • Ceramic Industry

    This month we want to tell you how Pemo pumps can also offer their valuable contribution to the ceramic industry.

  • Submersible Pumps

    Our submersible pumps are designed for applications with highly abrasive sludge.
    Pemo electric pumps are made with high energy efficiency motors in compliance with international directives.

  • Sludge Transfer

    With this brief discussion we want to take you to discover one of our sludge transfer technologies.
    The versatility of the Perissinotto company meant that the Pemo pumps could be developed in numerous applications.

  • About us

    Pemo Pumps nasce nel 1947 in un piccolo laboratorio a Vimodrone.
    Il nostro core business è la produzione di speciali pompe centrifughe per applicazioni abrasive e/o acide.
    Lo scorso gennaio abbiamo venduto e festeggiato la 38’000a pompa!