Energy consumption in pumps world: in Frankfurt we give the answer. Achema 2024 is the world’s most important trade fair for the industrial processes. The edition that has just ended has 2842 exhibitors from 56 countries and more than one hundred thousand participants from 141 countries. After Germany, with almost half of the exhibitors, the most represented countries were China and Italy with 250 exhibitors.

Pemo Pumps sees Achema as the perfect place to showcase the latest in industrial pumps. We have been protagonists at Achema 2024 for two editions in a row and we always return home with a wealth of enthusiasm and many new contacts.

For example, Achema 2024 was the scene of the new partnership agreement with Calpeda Pumpen Vertrieb and the Väth family for the German market. Together with Bernard, Maximilian and Julius, a future of business in the field of industrial pumps awaits us.

Achema 2024 pumps energy consumption

Handshakes at the Perissinotto Spa stand double every year, a sign that the pumping of material and liquids is an increasingly felt need in any industrial and manufacturing context.

During the meetings with partners and customers, among all the topics covered – pump form factor, type of use, power, capacity, versatility – one was the protagonist in Frankfurt: energy consumption.

Optimizing energy consumption is possible

Pumps and their motors have always been energy-intensive units: it is estimated that about a quarter of industrial electricity is used to pump fluids. In terms of global electricity production, this accounts for 10% of the world’s total, meaning that one in ten power plants is in operation just to provide the energy needed to move liquids.

It is known that poorly sized, worn or improperly maintained pumps can lead to high energy consumption. Often, this way, the units run outside of their optimal efficiency and wear out more quickly.

For example, the correct use of modern operating speed control systems helps to save several terawatt hours of energy and millions of tons of CO2 emissions. Thanks to the energy control of the motors, the geometries of the impellers or the reduced spaces, an industrial pump consumes less energy and lasts longer.

As a result, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs must be at the heart of the production processes of liquid pump manufacturers, and we at Pemo Pumps have long understood this.

Perissinotto S.p.A.’s guarantees for consumption

Perissinotto Spa has always worked to provide products with low energy consumption, and, thanks to our worldwide service network, we can support the customer throughout the management of the life cycle of the pump, of any type.

We can afford to provide certain guarantees in terms of consumption and maintenance because we have full control of the production process of our pumps. At Pemo Pumps we select only the best suppliers of components and in our workshop, we work every day to identify the optimal materials and designs to ensure the least possible maintenance.

The secret? A tailor-made pump

Our secret? Understanding the customer’s needs right from the start, framing their use, predicting consumption are all characteristics that have been present in Perissinotto Spa’s DNA since its inception. The expertise and experience of our designers and assemblers allows us to work on a product that is always different and tailored to the customer’s needs.

Take, for example, our submersible pumps. This product line has always been equipped with energy-efficient motors, in full compliance with international directives, while still reaching a guaranteed flow rate of up to 700 m3/h and a pressure of 7 bar.

In particular, the electric motors used by Perissinotto’s pumps comply with the international reference standard, IEC 60034-30:2008, which defines the efficiency classes for three-phase motors. In particular, Perissinotto guarantees High Efficiency (IE2) for motors with inverter, Premium Efficiency according to the IE3 classification and, for motors with a power of at least 75 kW up to 200 kW, Superpremium Efficiency according to the IE4 requirements.

Furthermore, all our submersible pumps are equipped with a thermal probe for controlling the temperature of the engine and a probe for measuring the oil level. In addition, we mount life-lubricated groove ball bearings that are designed and built to last. And we could also mention the sensors that we have included for constant control of levels and consumption and the operating speed control with the help of an inverter.

Pemo Pumps is an Italian excellence in the custom pumps market. With a production 100% made in Italy, 50% of Pemo Pumps revenues comes from direct sales worldwide. Just one third of our sales are to Italian companies for direct use and for selling worldwide. Pemo Pumps has subsidiaries, representatives, and agents in 20 Countries and has more than 4,000 customers in the World.

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