Horizontal Pumps

Horizontal Pumps
  • serieAOTI

  • AO/TI and AO/TD series

    • Designed for heavy duty slurry and/or acid applications.

    • These are end suction slurry pumps with single or double mechanical seals.

    • Capacities from 1 to 1500 m3/h (5 to 6613 gpm).

    •Usually maximum discharge pressure should not exceed 3 bar or 43 psi.

  • AO/AB Series

    • Designed for slurries and/or acid applications.

    •The heart of the PEMO product line, the AO/AB Series pumps are truly unique. Due to the side inlet, the maximum pressure the mechanical seal will see is the fluid inlet pressure, greatly increasing life of the seal.

    • When pumping acid liquids, the shaft and the mechanical seal housing can be made of special alloys.

    • Maximum particle size is 2 mm though this is dependent on the specific application.

    • Capacities from 1 to 900 m3/h (5 to 3,968 gpm).

    • Maximum discharge head is 90 m (295 ft) in the Hardalloy PEMO design.

  • serieAOAB

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