Since 1947 Perissinotto Spa of Vimodrone (MI) has specialized in the supply of industrial pumps to the Italian and international market. In more than seventy years of activity, we have designed, built and delivered around 39,000 items all over the world.

Our PEMO PUMPS range includes 20 models of centrifugal pumps. They are all customizable according to the needs of the clients. Highly versatile, these models are adaptable to the most different production and service sectors.

With such a vast choice of options, our firm is able to offer any company the ideal solution for handling any type of liquid and sludge in different areas of application.

Our company’s wide range of industrial pumps is designed to maximize operational efficiency and minimize downtime, so to have the positive side effect of a reduction in total cost of ownership. This occurs both in the handling of abrasive, acid, corrosive and flammable liquids or in the transfer of solutions with entrained gases, organic chemicals, sludges, solvents, toxic and/or viscous and volatile liquids.

In this article we will consider some of the production sectors that can obtain from our industrial pumps the ideal solution to their needs about the handling of liquids and all kinds of sludges.

Pumps for ceramic industry

Pumps for the ceramic industry must meet the needs of a sector that represents the excellence of our country in the world. There are almost three hundred companies throughout the country that belong to this field and produce tiles, sanitary ceramics, tableware, refractory materials and bricks. The sector employs about 28,000 people, it has an annual turnover of approximately 7 billion euros and is strongly oriented towards exports and international production and sales.

More than ten years of experience and our constant commitment in research and development enable us to offer tailor-made solutions for all the needs that characterize the ceramic industry.

Our pumps for this industry are able to solve any specific problem of transportation of abrasive material and guarantee an exceptional duration of the rubber coatings for impellers and bodies. Our pumps ensure many years of maintenance free operation. For some models the impellers are also available in special wear-resistant superalloy versions.

All our pumps are so versatile that they adapt to any type of use, but some of them like the PEMO pump mod. S-ATM AO / AB / TC / AS-B77 are ideally suited to industrial processes in the ceramic sector which requires:

  • recovery of press powders, their transformation into slipand transfer to the mills’ pre-loading tanks;
  • handling of slips from the grinding mills to the storage tanks and from these to sprayers’ feeding tanks;
  • feeding of ceramic glazes to the painting booths on the lines;
  • pumping and recovery of washing water from lines and mills;
  • pumping of thickened sludge;
  • feeding filter press.

Pumps for municipal waste treatment 

The use of highly effective and efficient pumps in municipal waste treatment is crucial. The organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) constitutes 30 to 40% of municipal solid waste and its correct treatment in landfills allows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (particularly methane) and to limit the formation of leachate, which is rich in pathogenic microorganisms that are potentially able to pollute groundwater.

Furthermore, a well-managed wet fraction can give rise to biogas for the production of electricity and heat, as well as by-products such as compost and fertilizers for the soil. In this way, a significant part of municipal waste can become a resource for cities, economy and sustainability.

The long experience of our company in the field of industrial pumps and in particular in the municipal waste treatment sector, has allowed us to create unique pumps, which we customize according to needs.

In this field, our non-abrasive centrifugal pumps are perfect for:

  • transferring the OFMSW to the accumulation and decantation tanks, after grinding pretreatment;
  • feeding the anaerobic digesters;
  • recirculation of digestate, both in a mesophilic and thermophilic environment.

Thanks to their wear-resistant components, their particular geometric design of bodies and impellers (capable of preventing clogging) and the flow rates that reach 1,500 cubic meters per hour, all our pumps can effectively operate in this sector.