The mining sector is undoubtedly one of the most considered by Pemo’s activities. Within this field, precision and efficiency are vital to provide a product that ensures high results for a long time span. Pumps of each type are used in many different applications in the mining industry, and all the performance requirements are satisfied by the pumps designed by Pemo.

Focus on the details, long lasting materials duration, adaptability to difficult environments: due to these features, Pemo pumps are sold everywhere in the world and are extensively used in this market due to the wide variety of models and configurations available. 

Pumps for the mining application are provided by Pemo with three design typologies: horizontal, vertical and submersible. These are developed specifically for abrasive and or acid/corrosive fluid applications and are available in a wide number of materials including Rubber Lined, Hardalloy PEMO (750-800 HB), Stainless Steel and Hastelloy.

The antiabrasive pumps and antiacid pumps are the flagships of the pemo factory: the never ending optimization process undertaken by Pemo’s research department led to really positive results in terms of pressure resistance, some models can operate to a maximum pressure of 20 bar (290 psi).

Some of the applications for PEMO pumps include, slurry transfer in ponds, hydrocyclone feed and yellowcake slurry transfer. Many more detailed information are available in the dedicated section of the website, otherwise, if you want a a direct contact with Pemo, fulfill the form here: