During the last few years, Pemo pumps have successfully entered the field of  Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW). Due to many years of experience developed with many customers, Pemo research and development team has created a unique product, tailored for every need.

Anti-abrasive pumps are fundamental during the OFMSW treatment, in order to move the milling to the storage and decantation tanks, for feeding of the anaerobic digesters, and for the recirculation of the digestate in both a “mesophilic” and “thermophilic” environments.

Pemo has developed a particular type of pump designed just for the OMFSW sector, providing many advantages to its customers working in this environment, solving many of the different problems that an actor could find operating within this field.

Pemo pumps are tailored to satisfy the need of each customer, especially some of the most appreciated features could be resumed here: 

  • Longer life, thanks to wear-resistant components; 
  • No clogging, thanks to the special geometry of bodies and impeller;
  • Flow rates up to 1500 m3/h;
  • Head up to 160 m.c.l.;

Contact us if you want to have further information, or if you are interested in these pumps: https://pemo.mywornex.com/contacts