Until a few decades ago, sector events were practically the only way to promote companies, products and services worldwide. Pump exhibitions were also included in this category.

Thanks to web and social media, nowadays information circulates much more easily and quickly. For example, a well-made video can effectively illustrate the features and operations of a product, or help strengthen the image of a company or brand. Online events, seminars and webinars can promote companies, professionals and products without any limitation, even at a relatively low cost.

Yet national and international industry events such as successful pump exhibitions still exist. They offer opportunities that digital can only get close to, and which become real through face-to-face meetings and handshakes.

Attending trade fairs is for Pemo PUMPS an opportunity for:

  • meeting people interested in our business and networking;
  • exchanging know-how with companies in our sector or in related industries;
  • opening the door to possible collaborations and jobs;
  • acquiring leads, i.e. obtaining contacts from possible customers;
  • come into contact with new markets at international trade fairs;
  • strengthening the identity and recognizability (identity) of the brand.

The centrifugal slurry pump industry is not an exception. If much of the marketing takes place online, slurry pump exhibitions still represent a valuable opportunity to promote the company and its products.

In this article, we will discover the main fairs for slurry pump exhibitions, in which also Perissinotto S.p.A. – Pemo PUMPS has taken or will take part in 2023.

BIO360 EXPO NANTES 02/8-9   

Sommario nascondi
  1. 1 BIO360 EXPO NANTES 02/8-9
    1. 2 What does it exhibit?
    2. 3 Events within the exhibition
    3. 4 Special features of Bio360 Expo
    1. 6 What does it exhibit?
    2. 7 Indoor events
    3. 8 Peculiarities of the Conexpo-Con/Agg
    1. 10 What does it exhibit?
    2. 11 Events within the exhibition
    3. 12 Special features of The World Biogas Expo
    1. 14 What does it exhibit?
    2. 15 Events within the exhibition
    3. 16 Special features of the Expomin fair
  5. 17 BATIMEC ALGIERS 05/07-11
    1. 18 What does it exhibit?
    2. 19 Events within the exhibition
    3. 20 Special features of the Batimec exhibition
    1. 22 What does it exhibit?
    2. 23 Events within the exhibition
    3. 24 Special features of the Canadian Mining Expo
    1. 26 What does it exhibit?
    2. 27 Events within the exhibition
    3. 28 Special features of the Plantworx exhibition
  8. 29 RWM BIRMINGHAM 09/13-14/09
    1. 30 What does it exhibit?
    2. 31 Events within the exhibition
    3. 32 Special features of the RWM trade fair
  9. 33 MINING METALS KAZ COMAK 09/20-22
    1. 34 What does it exhibit?
    2. 35 Events within the exhibition
    3. 36 Special features of the Mining Metals exhibition
  10. 37 PERUMIN AREQUIPA 09/25-29
    1. 38 What does it exhibit?
    2. 39 Events within the exhibition
    3. 40 Special features of the Perumin fair
  11. 41 SIM 2023 BORDEAUX 10/4-6
    1. 42 What does it exhibit?
    2. 43 Events within the exhibition
    3. 44 Special features of the SIM 2023 fair
  12. 45 POLLUTEC LYON 10/10-13
    1. 46 What does it exhibit?
    2. 47 Events within the exhibition
    3. 48 Peculiarities of the Pollutec fair
  13. 49 IMARC SYDNEY 10/31-11/02
    1. 50 What does it exhibit?
    2. 51 Events within the exhibition
    3. 52 Special features of the IMARC exhibition
  14. 53 ECOMONDO RIMINI 11/07-10
    1. 54 What does it exhibit?
    2. 55 Events within the exhibition
    3. 56 Special features of the ECOMONDO trade fair

Bio360 Expo is an international meeting point for people and organisations that are committed in accelerating biotransition. The exhibition takes place in Nantes, France, attracting 450-500 international exhibitors, who make Bio360 Expo a real hub for global bio know-how in solid, liquid and gaseous bioenergy, including biobased materials and products. 

What does it exhibit?

Bio360 Expo exhibits products from the following activities: Biogas, that is raw materials, technical services and consumables, valorisation of green gas (biogas or biomethane or green hydrogen or biogenic CO2), tertiary services, including consulting of biogas plant designers or builders; Biofuels, that is presentation of thermochemical processes (biohydrogen), transformation processes from biomethane to biohydrogen and new approaches; Energy from Biomass, that is exhibition of equipment for biofuel production, auxiliary equipment and consumables, production and distribution of solid biofuels. 

Events within the exhibition   

The events within the exhibition are structured by thematic areas: Green Building, Biogas, Circular, Biomass and Green Gas.  A Forum is also scheduled, held by industry experts, entrepreneurs and representatives of public institutions, on the central topics related to the bio transition. In addition, the Innovation Competition rewards the year’s most important innovations and provides an indicator of future trends in the sector. 

Special features of Bio360 Expo 

Bio360 Expo is a multidisciplinary event with a comprehensive international conference programme spread over 4 halls with simultaneous translation, regional site visits, participation in the Innovation Competition, a trade fair designed and planned to accelerate the transition from a fossil-dependent society to a biosociety.


Conexpo-Con/Agg is held in Las Vegas from 14th to 18th of March and is the largest trade fair in North America. The exhibition areas are dedicated to construction machinery, building and construction materials. The event covers an area of more than 250,000 square metres and is attended by more than 2,800 exhibitors from all over the world. The fair is visited by a highly qualified audience, consisting mainly of professionals from the construction industry, including contractors, engineers, designers, builders, construction machinery operators and many others. 

What does it exhibit?

Exhibitors at Conexpo-Con/Agg offer: earth moving and material handling equipment; infrastructure maintenance equipment; site support and tools; logging equipment; underground construction equipment and much more.  

Indoor events   

Conexpo presents a wide range of conferences and training programmes, with more than 150 sessions dedicated to: cranes, lifting and lifts, equipment management and maintenance, occupational safety and regulations, technology and more. 

Peculiarities of the Conexpo-Con/Agg 

The peculiarity of the Conexpo-Con/Agg trade fair is its focus on the industry of construction and building machinery. Moreover it offers opportunities for training, networking and in-depth discussions on the latest trends and innovations.


The World Biogas Expo is scheduled to take place in Birmingham, at the National Exhibition Centre, from 29th-30th of March 2023.

It is the only international exhibition dedicated exclusively to the biogas industry: the ideal opportunity to access the latest market and technology, sector by sector.

The World Biogas Expo is also a platform for industry professionals from around the world to network, share best practices and strengthen business relationships.

What does it exhibit?

Like any trade fair, The World Biogas Expo exhibits the most innovative services and products in the field of biogas and offers space to all organisations and businesses working in the biogas sector, worldwide.

Exhibitors include:

  • national associations, biogas operators and developers;
  • equipment suppliers;
  • water companies;
  • agriculture companies;
  • waste management companies;
  • academic and research institutions.

Events within the exhibition

Within the exhibition spaces, The World Biogas Expo also offers events and opportunities for discussion: sector conferences, seminars, round tables, meetings between delegations and networking activities. 

One particular networking activity is the so-called ‘Farmer Breakfast’: a breakfast dedicated to operators of anaerobic digestion plants in agriculture, farmers interested in the benefits of anaerobic digestion and stakeholders.

It aims to bring together farming communities to build strong partnerships on the decarbonisation of the agricultural sector in the UK.

A similar purpose drives the ‘Local Authorities Lunch’ to network with local authorities and promote the use of biogas as a renewable energy source.

Special features of The World Biogas Expo

The World Biogas Expo in Birmingham also hosts:

  • The World Biogas Summit; 
  • AD & Biogas Industry Awards.

The first event is a global forum among major thought leaders on the topic of anaerobic digestion and biogas. The second is an award reserved to the companies and entities that have most distinguished themselves in the sector.


Expomin is the largest mining fair in Latin America, held every two years in Santiago, Chile, from the 24th to the 27th of April. The fair is known internationally as a space that promotes the transfer of knowledge, experience and technology, which contribute to innovation and increased productivity in mining processes. The event will feature 50 speakers and panellists from government, industry and technology companies from 15 countries.

What does it exhibit?

Expomin brings together the widest and most varied assortment of technologies, equipment, machinery, services and supplies for the national and Latin American mining industry, with the participation of more than 1,300 supplier companies from 36 countries around the world.

Exhibitors at the fair include:

  • manufacturers of accessories, parts and pieces, spare parts;
  • engineering companies;
  • industrial construction and assembly companies;
  • general services for mining exploitation, waste treatment and disposal, mining waste, earth moving and much more.

Events within the exhibition

The Congress will be held in Face-to-Face and On Demand mode, i.e. speakers and participants will be able to participate live, during the event and then on-demand, after the event, through EXPOMIN Connect.

Strategic topics for the industry will be analysed, such as:

  • sustainability trends, socio-environmental axes;
  • inclusion and gender equality;
  • Iot, digitisation and technology in the mining sector;
  • cyber security in the mining sector;
  • circular mining, waste management-oriented technologies.

Special features of the Expomin fair

The special feature of the Expomin fair is its ability to bring together all the players in the sector, with the highest concentration of national and international leading supplier companies, providing a privileged space for interaction between suppliers, professionals and managers, representing the entire value chain of the mining industry.


BATIMATEC Expo will be held in Palais Expositions d´Algiers, Safex Algiers, from the 7th to the 11th of May 2023.  

Batimec Algiers brings together companies from all over the world to present the latest technologies, products and services in the field of building, construction and interior design. 

The event is an opportunity for industry professionals to meet, exchange experiences and knowledge, and build business relationships. The 2022 edition recorded 250,000 visits on 22,000 square metres of exhibition space with 750 exhibitors, 500 national and 250 international.

What does it exhibit?

Various industry products and services are exhibited at Batimec, including:

  • manufacturers of construction materials;
  • engineering consultancies;
  • manufacturers of equipment for cement works, bricks, etc.; 
  • precast and pre-compressed materials;
  • heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems;
  • industrial locking systems;
  • new technologies and home automation;
  • lifts, elevators and integrated systems;
  • machinery and equipment for quarries and construction sites;
  • machinery and equipment for concrete production;

Events within the exhibition

Batimec offers a wide range of events within the trade fair, such as conferences and seminars to provide information on key topics in the construction and building industry. Industry experts present the latest trends, technologies and products, aiming to provide useful information to industry professionals. 

During the event, exhibiting companies host workshops and demos to present their products and services.

Batimec also hosts B2B meetings to facilitate the creation of business relationships between exhibitors and visitors. Furthermore, during the event, prizes and awards are presented to companies that have distinguished themselves for innovation, quality and excellence in their products and services.

Special features of the Batimec exhibition

Batimec is one of the largest trade fairs in the construction and building sector in Africa, showcasing the latest trends and technologies in the industry, offering visitors the opportunity to discover the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions on the market.


The Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins is Canada’s largest mining expo. The aim of the event is to attract international delegations and mines representing the central areas of Canada. It is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the mining industry and explore new business opportunities.

Participants expected to attend the fair come from multiple sectors:

  • geology;
  • chemistry and chemical engineering;
  • construction and contracting;
  • environment;
  • financial institutions;
  • maintenance;
  • materials handling;
  • mineral processing;
  • energy distribution and generation;
  • students and job and career seekers.

The event takes place from the 7th to the 8th of June, with more than 6,000 participants expected. It is a well-structured exhibition, offering demonstrations, presentations and networking events on site, as well as more than 400 exhibitors. The exhibition features some of the most influential players in the industry, as well as seminars and workshops, providing valuable resources for those interested in learning more about the industry.

What does it exhibit?

The Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins exhibits the latest products, technologies and services available in the mining industry. It offers a great opportunity to network and connect with industry experts.

This year’s exhibitors will be promoting the latest innovations in the industry, such as:

  • equipment for access road construction;
  • excavation equipment and supplies;
  • underground equipment and supplies;
  • surface and underground drilling machinery and equipment;
  • exploration equipment and supplies;
  • diamond drilling equipment;
  • geological survey engineering equipment;
  • geophysical equipment;
  • laboratory suppliers.

Events within the exhibition

Canadian Mining Expo Timmins hosts a wide variety of events and activities for visitors. From seminars and workshops to industry-specific presentations and panel discussions, the expo offers something for everyone. Alongside the trade fair itself, the organisation offers plenty of social and networking events: 

  • the trade fair opening dinner, a networking evening with industry leaders and authorities, whose profits financed the scholarship programme;
  • an evening dedicated to fun and entertainment with a team competition to involve participants, with prizes and trophies.

Special features of the Canadian Mining Expo 

The Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins is a unique event. The annual exhibition is a valuable opportunity for networking and professional development. One of the distinguishing features of this expo is its focus on sustainability. Companies are encouraged to present their green initiatives and environmental solutions to common mining challenges.


Plantworx 2023 will take place from the 13th to the 15th of June 2023, at the East of England Arena and Events Centre, Peterborough. A trade show dedicated to emerging technologies in the construction equipment industry, as well as, innovation, technology products and services. The show is the UK’s biennial showcase and will take visitors into the future of the building industry. With a combination of live demonstrations and the cutting edge of machine technology and support products, Plantworx offers a valuable experience for construction professionals. 

In addition, Plantworx 2023, provides the ideal platform and showcase for the event to present new machinery, auxiliary products, and the latest innovations and technologies: the show is a ‘one-stop shop’ for construction professionals. 

What does it exhibit?

The fair will host 300 exhibitors, including leading OEMs and suppliers from the construction industry. The trade exhibition will offer a wide range of products, such as bulldozers, tractors, wheel loaders and electronic technology. Exhibitors will also include service providers such as maintenance, service and spare parts companies.

Events within the exhibition

Within the exhibition area, there will be a series of events covering different topics. Visitors will be able to participate in seminars, live demonstrations and practical courses, which will provide information on the latest technology in the construction industry. One of the main attractions of this event is the opportunity of seeing operating machinery in action, such as tractors, excavators, mechanical shovels and other machinery. 

Special features of the Plantworx exhibition 

The event offers a lively visitor experience that educates, entertains and engages today’s building professionals, celebrating the industry’s achievements as well as inspiring the next generation of operators and engineers.

With a combination of live demonstrations and the latest in machine technology and support products, Plantworx Peterborough offers a valuable experience for industry professionals.

RWM BIRMINGHAM 09/13-14/09

Although not strictly a pump exhibition, RWM is an excellent stage for companies in the sector. In fact, it is the most important event in the UK for professionals in the waste, resources and sustainability sectors.

RWM aspires to be more than just a trade fair and aims to be a true platform for accelerating the transition to a healthier planet through greater respect for the environment and better use of natural resources.

For this reason, the fair debates crucial topics, presents innovative green technologies and uses the show as an international springboard for new solutions to the world’s future challenges. In the previous edition, 2022, the event was attended by 9,000 visitors, 372 exhibitors and 181 speakers.

What does it exhibit?

The outdoor area is reserved for vehicle and machinery manufacturers exhibiting the latest innovations in waste collection and treatment equipment, while the show area itself is divided into several themed sections:

  • collection and transport;
  • machinery and equipment;
  • recyclers and regenerators;
  • trucks in action;
  • energy from waste.

In each of these areas, leading entrepreneurs from the UK and around the world exhibit their products and services, and especially the latest industry innovations.

Events within the exhibition

Alongside the trade fair itself, the organisation offers many social and networking events.

Some examples:

  • working lunch dedicated to the topic “Women and diversity in resource management”;
  • “Rising Stars” networking meeting, dedicated to start-ups;
  • “Innovation Awards”, dedicated to sector innovation;
  • workshops on health and safety.

In addition to the official events, there are many informal occasions, thanks to live music, street food and the presence of local pubs.

Special features of the RWM trade fair 

RWM is an experiential and also spectacular fair. In addition, it is characterised by the centrality of environmental issues, starting with the display of the latest and most innovative technologies and going on to deal with topics typical of the circular economy and efficiency in waste and resource management.


The MINING METALS KAZ COMAK trade fair is an international event held annually in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan and focuses on innovative technologies in the mining and metallurgical sector. 

The exhibition was first held in 2010 and has become one of the most important trade fairs in Central Asia and Eastern Europe for the mining and metallurgical sector. Each year, the fair welcomes more than 261 companies from around 23 countries, including China, Turkey, Germany, South Korea, Russia and other Central Asian countries.

MINING METALS offers a networking platform for mining and metals professionals, where participants can share their experiences, knowledge and ideas with colleagues and potential customers. 

What does it exhibit?

The event also showcases innovative technologies and equipment for the mining and metallurgical sector, and offers the opportunity to meet service providers in the industry. Among the products exhibited at the show, you can find mineral processing machinery, drilling equipment, automated control systems for open pit and underground mining operations, for mining transport complexes, for risk management and industrial safety and much more.

Events within the exhibition 

Within the exhibition, the Uzbekistan International Mining Forum-IMF is held. It is a conference organised by Congresses of Central Asia-CCA with the official support of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Resources. 

Participants in the Forum are leading specialists and managers of large companies, major investors, representatives of ministries and profile government departments, international banks, trade unions, associations, chambers of commerce, international finance companies and many others.

Special features of the Mining Metals exhibition

Mining Metals exhibition is an international major event in the mining and metals sector, representing a key industry event, supported by the government, with significant participation of leading foreign manufacturers.


Perumin is a major event among trade fairs in the mining sector. It takes place from the 25th to the 29th of September, in Arequipa, Peru. In its 36th edition, it offers a wide range of solutions for the mining industry, creating connections and opportunities between companies in the sector.

It is not a specialised trade fair for pumps, but the mining context strongly draws attention to high-tech machinery, such as pumping systems.

What does it exhibit?

Perumin hosts more than 1,400 national and international companies, with 29,000 square metres of exhibition space. Exhibitors will present innovative products and services and the latest technology in the mining sector. In this privileged space, the mining chain finds multiple opportunities for development.

Events within the exhibition 

The fair also hosts major events such as TIS (Technology, Innovation and Sustainability), Forum and Perumin Hub E inspire, three opportunities for discovery and discussion.

The TIS Forum brings together a large group of experts from around the world to talk about their projects on geology, mining, environmental and social management, legal issues and technology.

Interesting events include:

  • Perumin Hub, a major programme aimed at developing innovation through collaboration; 
  • Perumin INSPIRE, a platform for recognising and strengthening social projects focused on improving the quality of life in territories located more than 500 metres above sea level.

Special features of the Perumin fair

Once again, this edition of the fair will be an input for challenges and proposals aiming at the development of an evolving sector.

SIM 2023 BORDEAUX 10/4-6

The SIM (Société de l’Industrie Minérale) trade fair is the main hub for the extractive industries sector in France. The 72nd edition of SIM will take place in Bordeaux, presenting an extensive showcase of the equipment and know-how of the industry’s product and service suppliers. Combining business and conviviality, the SIM event allows professionals to benefit from a 360° view of the sector’s transformation each year. 

For the 2023 edition, 5,500 visitors are expected, with a total of 350 exhibitors, including 50 new ones offering increasingly innovative solutions.

What does it exhibit?

The SIM 2023 trade fair in Bordeaux will exhibit products, equipment and technological solutions for the mining and quarrying industry. 

Among the exhibitors will be companies specialising in:

  • drilling equipment, e.g. drills, drill rigs, drilling tools and more;
  • mining machinery, e.g. excavators, bulldozers, cranes, crushing machinery, transport machinery and more;
  • consulting and training services in technical, safety, personnel management, business development;
  • technology service providers offering software and hardware solutions, mobile applications, drones, sensors for the mining industry.

In addition, companies offering services related to the mining industry, such as transport, logistics and waste management services, are also present at the fair.

Events within the exhibition 

Various events are planned within the fair. Here are some of them:

  • Exhibitors’ Forum, located in the heart of the event, will be held over two days, with 30-minute sessions, to give exhibitors the opportunity to present know-how, tools and innovative technological solutions that can support operators in improving productivity while ensuring a high level of safety;
  • 40 lectures by recognised specialists on industry topics;
  • 6 technical visits, focusing on different industry topics to offer a unique experience at the fair;
  • 2 award events, the Prix Jeunes, which rewards promising students and researchers, and the Prix Marc Regnier, which rewards innovation in the recycling and recovery sector. 

Special features of the SIM 2023 fair

SIM offers the opportunity to open a dialogue and network with the main players and suppliers in the extractive industries sector. It is a must-attend event because it allows participants to develop their network, meet local and international suppliers, discover the best of industry innovation and keep informed on new market trends.


Pollutec is the European reference on ecological and energy transition. The POLLUTEC 2022 trade fair will be held in Lyon, France, from the 10th to the 13th of October at the Eurexpo exhibition centre. It is an annual event, dedicated to technologies and services for the environment and sustainability, involving companies, industry players and professionals from all over the world.

Pollutec is about several thematic areas, including:

  • water and liquid waste, focusing on wastewater management, drinking water treatment and water monitoring;
  • air and gas, dealing with air pollution problems, emission control and air quality measurement;
  • waste and recycling, focusing on waste collection, recycling, management and treatment;
  • energy and resources, which deals with renewable energy, alternative energy sources, energy efficiency and resource management.

Over 2,500 exhibitors from 128 countries and around 75,000 trade visitors from all industry and business sectors are expected to attend the event, representing a unique opportunity for industry professionals to meet and exchange ideas with experts, decision-makers, government officials, suppliers and customers.

What does it exhibit?

Pollutec Lyon exhibition exhibits technologies and solutions for the environment and energy, including:

  • waste management, waste separation systems, waste treatment machinery, recovery and recycling plants, industrial waste management solutions;
  • energy, renewable energy technologies, energy management solutions, photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric plants, energy storage systems;
  • air and water quality, air and water monitoring systems, water purification technologies, air pollution prevention solutions;
  • sustainable mobility, electric and hybrid vehicles, technologies for sustainable mobility, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles;
  • sustainable construction, solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation, environmentally sustainable building materials, technologies for energy efficiency in buildings.

In addition, companies offering consultancy and training services in the environmental field, as well as suppliers of equipment and services for the agricultural sector and industrial activities are also present at the fair.

Events within the exhibition 

Various forums are scheduled within the exhibition, divided by subject area:

  • waste forum;
  • water and sanitation forum;
  • energy forum;
  • sustainable cities and territory forum;
  • circular economy forum;
  • risk management forum;
  • agriculture and climate forum;
  • biodiversity and habitats forum;
  • bluetec forum on sea and coast;
  • international forum.

Peculiarities of the Pollutec fair

The Pollutec Lyon trade fair has a very special feature, which makes it a unique event because it allows visitors to have a complete overview of the solutions and technologies available in various sectors, ranging from waste management to sustainable mobility, from air and water quality to sustainable construction.

IMARC SYDNEY 10/31-11/02

Established in 2014, IMARC (International Mining And Resources Conference) is the major event for the Australian mining industry, and one of the most important pump exhibitions. 

It is attended by mining leaders from almost 100 countries, as well as many companies involved in resources, technology, finance and sustainable management. The fair also attracts the participation of political personalities and decision-makers.

The exhibition takes place in Sydney at the International Convention Centre (ICC) and will host six simultaneous conferences covering the entire mining value chain, with more than 340 technical talks, panel discussions and strategy presentations during the three trade days.

What does it exhibit?

IMARC’s exhibition spaces host companies involved in:

  • mining technology and mining innovation;
  • mineral processing and refining;
  • powering mines with renewable energy sources;
  • data, artificial intelligence and machine learning for the mining industry;
  • technologies for de-carbonisation.

In the context of the fair, the exhibition of pumps is justified by the crucial role they play in the typical processes of mining and the processing of extracted materials.

Events within the exhibition 

As a side event to the exhibition of technology and innovation for the mining industry, IMARC presents a rich programme of technical talks, panel discussions and strategic presentations.

In addition to these events, several conferences on relevant topics for the mining sector can be attended during the fair:

  • energy transition;
  • digital technology and mining innovation;
  • investment in exploration and project development;
  • globalisation and opportunities;
  • resilience in the mining sector;
  • environmental impacts and social value;
  • redefinition of the mining workforce and culture.

Special features of the IMARC exhibition 

What makes IMARC Sydney special is the richness of the debate on all topics related to the mining industry and its developments. 

This debate did not start during the event days, but is the result of months of interaction with key players in the industry. It aims to lead the mining industry towards ever greater environmental, economic and social sustainability in the coming decades.

Due to its forward-thinking outlook, IMARC can be regarded as one of the most important exhibitions for pump shows and beyond.


One of the most important trade fairs on sustainable development in Italy is Ecomondo. The exhibition is held at the Rimini Exhibition Centre from the 7th to 10th November, with an area entirely dedicated to ecological transition and the circular and regenerative economy.

Although it is not only a trade fair for exhibiting pumps, the latter find a prominent place in the event, offering sector operators opportunities for comparison, discovery and business opportunities.

Now in its 26th edition, the exhibition puts companies in contact with the most qualified national and international buyers and is continuously dedicated to the observation of leading experts in the circular economy.

Ecomondo, in collaboration with industry associations, institutions, research bodies, ministries, the European Commission and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), examines and discusses new developments, needs, critical issues and opportunities in the green economy.

Ecomondo, proposes ever-innovative solutions for the re-use of the main technical and biological waste, for the valorisation of alternative raw materials and the reclamation and decontamination of marine or protected areas, through the use of cutting-edge machinery, including pump systems suitable for complex applications for the transfer of sludge or abrasive or acidic water.

What does it exhibit?

Ecomondo Rimini exhibits a wide range of products and ideas on the main issues of our time:

  • waste and resources;
  • water (pumps for the reuse and recycling of waste water);
  • circular bio-economy;
  • reclamation and hydrogeological risk.

The proposals are varied and cover different areas: from technologies to waste treatment machinery, from integrated solutions for monitoring water, air and soil to the efficient use of water resources, fluid pumping systems, biomaterials, blue economy and a range of practices and interventions needed to prevent or stop hydrogeological risk.

Events within the exhibition 

A series of events transforms Ecomondo Rimini into a source of ideas full of events for visitors. 

Circular economy and sustainability are the main topics of the trade fair and are proposed not only through the exhibition area, but also through a series of meetings and debates on:

  • innovative methods and technologies for environmental risk prevention;
  • innovative technologies for recycling and reuse (centrifugal pumps, etc.);
  • digital and cyber-physical systems for water-smart cities and industries and much more.

Sector experts discuss the various topics at conferences and seminars held within the exhibition, offering interesting insights into the sustainable development of companies.

Special features of the ECOMONDO trade fair 

Ecomondo is the most important green event in the Mediterranean basin and a reference point in Europe for technological and industrial innovation. 

It presents an innovative format, bringing together on a single platform all the sectors of the circular economy, from recovery to sustainable development, aiming to help companies become world leaders in innovation.

With a dedicated space for innovative start-ups and scale-ups, it offers products and services for the green technologies, energy sustainability and sustainable mobility sector.