The ceramic industry is undoubtedly one of the industrial sectors where the outstanding know how owned by Pemo Pumps is evident. Thanks to the long lasting experience growth working with many customers in the ceramic industry. Pemo has been able to undertake a research and development path that has led the firm in the frontline of the innovation process. 

Pemo pumps offer tailored solutions to typical problems of the ceramic industry. Pemo products can solve any specific issue regarding the transport of abrasive material. 

Pemo anti-abrasive pumps are efficient to: 

  • Transfer of slips from grinding mills to the storage tanks
  • Transfer of glazes to glazing cabins by means of special self priming pumps
  • Pumping of muddy waters coming from all working areas for their elimination or for the total recovery of the ceramic powders
  • Pumping of thickened sludge
  • feeding of filter press for the great of the ceramic muds of filter press for the greatest dehydration of the ceramic muds

The greatest advantage of the PEMO anti-abrasive pumps in the ceramic industry is due to the almost unlimited duration of the rubber linings of casings and impellers. This means that our pumps can work restless five/six years at least without any type of maintenance.


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