The great interest that Pemo Pumps have risen during the september’s international conventions has many reasons, which are all brought by the special features that highlight our products.

Pemo’s strength relies in the designing and manufacturing process at the root of each pump, a process that allows the firm to create customized products in order to solve a wide range of necessities met by the clients worldwide

Due to the Pemo’s versatility, our pumps are used in industrial contexts where other products are not able to perform. Instead, Pemo Pumps are efficient in many different environments: centrifugal pumps can also work in the most difficult abrasive and and/or acid application. Even more, the pumps are handcrafted in Italy, an extraordinary added value, in order to be successful worldwide.

Working day in the Vimodrone's industry

Here some of the features that allows Pemo’s product to be used in these industries

• Mining and Aggregates

• Ceramic

• Marble and Granite 


• Filter press

• Chemical

If you are an actor within these industries, be sure that we have the product which will satisfy you needs, contact us: