Pemo’s vertical pumps

Within the centrifugal pumps designed and developed by Pemo, and commonly defined anti-abrasive and anti-acid pumps, there is a particular type of pumps, the vertical one.

These products own some features that characterize them as unique in the market. Some properties: capacities from 5 to 1500 m3/h (22 to 6,613 gpm); maximum available pressure from 6 to 7 bar (88 to 103 psi).

Pemo vertical pumps are an excellence in the pumps’ sector. These pumps are recognized as a high quality product worldwide because their ability to keep optimal performances also in the most difficult contexts. Indeed, Pemo’s vertical pumps are designed for heavy duty slurry and/or acid applications.

Pemo produces three different series of vertical pumps. Here the main features: 

Jolly series: 

  • Custom built to customer specifications
  • Pump-motor coupling is an elastic joint or V-belt

Mec Series: 

  • Direct transmission by means of an elastic joint.
  • Featured by a metallic structure around the motor with a lifting eyebolt at the top

Aus Series:

  • Can run dry since there is no mechanical seal
  • can be installed inside or outside tanks

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