With this article we want to present our products a little more closely…
What will we talk about?
Of a wide range of models and configuration of pumps, impellers and casing!

Thanks to our long experience we have been able to create over 20 basic models of pumps that can be realized in vertical, horizontal, submerged and multi-stage versions to obtain over 3,000 different designs and customized configurations.

What do these designs have in common?
All the shafts, basements and bearings are oversized to increase the mechanical life of the pump, but the overall dimensions of the pumps themselves remain compact with an industrial quality design.

But it doesn’t end here! The impellers are of the open type in two different versions: rubberised or metallic…obviously metals and other alloys are available if required, while the bodies are built in two separable parts and mainly in cast iron.
In the versions with rubber coating the inner part is protected with vulcanized or separable coatings with different compositions according to the properties of the liquids.

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