Pumps for ceramic processing are an essential tool for one of the most prestigious industrial sectors in our country, which annually invoices more than 6.5 billion euros and employs around 28,000 workers. Strongly oriented towards exports and internationalization of production plants, this sector in Italy involves hundreds of companies and a large number of Italian production plants in the world.

Thanks to over 70 years of experience and the continuous commitment on the research and development sector, Perissinotto Spa provides the Italian and international ceramic industry with the most suitable pumping solutions.

In fact, all our centrifugal pumps can be used in ceramic processing, thanks to the high level of product customization that is based on customer requests and the processes of the sector in which they operate..

Versatility goes hand in hand with quality. The extraordinary life of bodies and impellers (available in superalloy or rubber coated) allows our ceramic processing pumps to operate for many years without any maintenance.

During the production cycle our pumps can be used to transport various materials, such as slip and ceramic glazes. They can also be used inside plants for the recovery of powders that can be reintroduced into the production cycle.

Pumps for ceramic slips

Pumps for ceramic slips have to deal with the very abrasive nature of the slip and its high viscosity, which expose them to a potentially wearing process. Therefore the quality of the coatings of impellers and bodies is crucial to contain wear and reduce the need for maintenance.

Equally important is the maintenance of the uniformity of the slips at the right levels during the transfer from the grinding mills to the storage tanks, and of the latter to the supply tanks of the sprayers. This guarantees an efficient production and quality products.

This is a far from easy operation, precisely due to the strong abrasiveness of materials. However, thanks to the versatility of our products, our company is able to accept this challenge. In fact,all our models can be used as pumps for ceramic processing, as well as being able to adapt to any other sector of use.

However, some models have proved to be ideal for use as pumps for ceramic slips, such as, in example, the PEMO S-ATM AO / AB / TC / AS-B77 pump mod.

This is a type of horizontal pump which is suitable for transferring liquids that have high concentrations of abrasive particles, in applications where the required discharge pressure is up to 20 bar (290 psi) and the particle size does not exceed 2 mm.

This pump model has been specifically designed to power large sprayers. With over 60 units sold in few years, it has already proved a winning alternative to piston pumps, which are less efficient and more complex to manage.

Pumps for ceramic glazes

Being able to operate even at high pressures and guaranteeing the correct dosage is the main challenge that pumps for ceramic glazes have to face during the production cycle.

After clays and other raw materials have been mixed and ground in the mills to generate the slip, the latter is stored in tanks that are equipped with stirrers and then it is colored through the addition of dyes.

Also in this case, the experience of our company and our commitment to research and product development allow us to provide companies operating in the ceramic sector with the most suitable solutions for their needs.

The transfer of glazes to the glazing booths takes place using special self-priming vertical pumps. They are installed inside containers that are provided with pumps which continuously mix the glaze in order to avoid sedimentation.

The almost unlimited life of the rubber linings of bodies and impellers represents the greatest advantage offered by our centrifugal pumps for the ceramic industry sector. In fact, our pumps for ceramic processing can work at full capacity without requiring maintenance for a long time.

Washing water pumps

Within the production process of the ceramic industry, the washing water pumps have the task of pumping and recovering the washing water from lines and mills.

In the ceramic industry, water consumption is a relevant aspect of the manufacturing phase. Its use occurs mainly during grinding of raw materials, glazing and finishing of clays.

The companies in this sector have been implementing valid processes for the reuse of waste water for decades and they have achieved respectable results. According to Confindustria Ceramica data, since 2015 the average recovery factor (i.e. the water reused, compared to the waste water produced) has been equal to 104%. In fact, in a context of circular economy, the ceramic industry stands out for its ability to internally reuse most of the residues that are created in the production phase.

High pressure pumps for filter presses are particularly suitable for the recovery and handling of washing water.

Also in this case, our company is able to work alongside companies in this sector with a range of versatile and resistant pumps for ceramic processing. We have developed over 40 models for this purpose and they are all customizable according to customer needs. Our offer has no equal on the Italian or international market in terms of quantity and quality of the available models.

Their strong point is the lateral suction on the horizontal design. This configuration also makes them more performing than other similar products and above all it guarantees a greater resistance to wear.