Pumps for Food


What are pumps for food

Pumps for food industry are a pump that transfers fluids or semi-solids materials from one place to another in a food processing environment. Pumps are essential for various food processing applications, such as transferring raw materials, mixing ingredients, filling containers, and mostly cleaning food and equipment. Pumps for food industry must meet high standards of hygiene, safety, and quality to ensure the integrity and freshness of the food products. Also, pumps for food need to be designed carefully to avoid damaging the food or causing contamination.

Pumps for food can be used for different purposes, from transporting food through pipes or delivering food to animals or people to preserving food quality or, simply, in the vegetables and fruit washing plants. Because of their exclusive characteristics, Pemo Pumps has several references for their slurry food pumps, in markets not strictly linked to food such as power plants and FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization), distilleries and in the perforations and tunneling processing. Slurry food pumps can use different methods, such as positive displacement, centrifugal force, or vacuum suction, depending on the type and consistency of the food.

Characteristics of a slurry food pump

Pumps for food have a variety of features that make it the right choice for this market. What are the essential features of a pump for food or a slurry food pump?

– It must be hygienic and easy to clean, to prevent contamination and ensure food safety.

– It must be able to handle different types of food products, such as liquids, solids, slurries, or mixtures, without damaging them or affecting their quality.

– It must be efficient and reliable, to reduce energy (and water) consumption and maintenance costs.

– It must be compatible with the process requirements, such as flow rate, pressure, temperature, viscosity.

– And, most importantly, pumps for food must be compliant with national and market standards and rules.

Pump for Food washing tomatos
Pump for Food in a tomato fab.

Pemo pumps for food, how they work

Pemo Pumps has an exclusive process in washing vegetables which the wastewater coming from the vegetable washing processes (for removing sand and grit found on fruit, vegetables, and other food products) is conveyed into the pump AUS/VA series or into a collecting tank where a Pemo submersible pump is located and sent them to the clarifier.

The sludge deposited on the bottom of the clarifier is periodically discharged, and collected into a sludge accumulation tank. The slurry is finally sent through the Pemo Pump to the filter press.

Pemo pumps for food, models

AUS/VA Pemo Pumps are available in vertical mode and are all personalized depending on the customer needs. The AUS/VA Series consists of the pump and of one tank, with the pump inserted in the tank and the casing-impeller unit at its bottom. An important feature of these pumps is that they can run dry since there is no mechanical seal. These pumps have very easy maintenance and compared to standard horizontal pumps allow important energy savings.

References of Pemo Pumps for food

Pemo Pumps has a lot of references in the food processing industry. In particular, we work with leader brands in the tomato processing sector as Mutti, Compagnia Mercantile d’Oltremare, Giaguaro and Le Specialità Italiane.

We also have relevant references in some of the most important plant manufacturers as Depura and Grupo Tecnologico Mediterraneo which confirm Pemo Pumps for food a good choice in the water treatment too.

Pemo Pumps is an Italian excellence in the custom pumps market. With a production 100% made in Italy, 60% of Pemo Pumps revenues comes from direct sales worldwide. Just one third of our sales are to Italian companies for direct use and for selling wordwide. Pemo Pumps has subsidiaries, representatives, and agents in 20 Countries and has more than 4,000 customers in the World.>

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