Double Casing Slurry Pumps

Double Casing Pumps
  • AOAB_doppiocorpo

  • AO/AB/DC SERIES (double stage versions)

    • Designed for slurries and/or acid applications.

    • The AO/AB/DC Series is the perfect solution for filter press feed or slurry transfer.

    • When pumping acid liquids, the shaft and the mechanical seal housing can be made of special alloys.

    • Maximum particle size is 1 mm, though this is dependent on the specific application.

    • Capacities from 5 a 900 m3/h (22 to 2,645 gpm).

    • The maximum head for some Hardalloy versions is 210 m/H2O.

  • Suitable for:

    Applications under head

    Abrasive liquids

    Acid liquids even with solids in suspension

    Operating temperature up to 90 °C

  • Types of sealing:

    Mechanical seal with front rings double flushed or with permanent lubrication

  • Minimum maintenance

    Pump/motor coupling:

    By means of pulleys and V-belts

    By means of elastic coaxial joint

These are AO/AB slurry pumps but with two bodies installed on the same shaft so that, working in series, high pressures (up to 12/15 atm) can be obtained, particularly suitable for feeding filters for high pressing.

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