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The slurry pumps manufacturers market is extremely diversified and complex. It can be difficult for a customer to make a choice and find the best slurry pumps supplier. First, you better have to understand how it works the slurry pumps manufacturers market to identify the best supplier for your needs. Generally, we have a lot of manufacturers & suppliers and a network of resellers all over the world. But, most of the manufacturers don’t make their slurry pums with all components “home made” and for many of them slurry pumps are not a priority in their offering.

If you want to be sure with your choice you need to focus your attention to a trusted, expert and “home made” manufacturer as Pemo Pumps.

Pemo Pumps is an Italian excellence in the slurry pumps manufacturers or slurry pumps suppliers market. With a production 100% made in Italy. Pemo Pumps has subsidiaries, representatives, and agents in 20 countries and has more than 4,000 customers in the world.

An excellence among slurry pumps manufacturers

Pemo Pumps makes available to his customers 20 basic models of pumps in Vertical, Horizontal, Submersible and Multi-Stage versions (double o triple), for a total of more than 3,000 different custom designs and configurations.

Capacities range of ours slurry pumps goes from 1 to 2000 m3/h, head for single-stage pumps can reach 90 m (295 ft) in the Hardalloy PEMO versions, all shafts, bases and bearings are over-sized to extend pump life and, finally, complete pump packages are compact, with an industrial grade design.

Furthermore, slurry centrifugal pumps prove to be much more efficient than cavity pumps and progressive cavity screw pumps in particular abrasive contexts. In fact, Perissinotto is proceeding to replace that type of pumps with its slurry pumps which provide a much greater yield. Cavity pumps and screw pumps, in fact, quickly lose their effectiveness, get blocked and deteriorate, requiring greater maintenance.

Last but not least, what stands out Pemo Pumps from the competition in the slurry pumps manufacturers market is the availability of all spare parts you need. Everything in Pemo Pumps production is made of high quality materials, chosen by us from the best suppliers.

Impellers and casings make the difference

Do you want to understand what is the best slurry pumps manufacturer in the world? Take a look at the components! Here in Pemo Pumps the choice of the long-lasting components, as impellers and casings, is the priority. Here’s an example of impellers and casings tha we use in our slurry pumps.


Open Type – Typically made of a metal core coated with a thick layer of various types of rubber.
Metal Type – Hardalloy PEMO (750-800 HB), AISI, Hastelloy C.
Additional metallurgies available as required.


Built with split case design.
Made mostly of cast iron. Some models are available in Hardalloy PEMO, stainless steel, Hastelloy or other metals.
For rubber-lined versions, the interior is protected with vulcanised or separable lining with different compositions depending on the properties of the slurries.

With a heritage of more than 75 years, Pemo Pumps teams have the best knowledge to understand not only the process of manufacturing custom pumps, but they also know exactly which type of pump is needed depending on use. And with 5% of all sales income intended for R&D, Pemo Pumps works every day on a continuous reach of new materials and technologies to update his portfolio. Which means an advancement of a new model every year.

Contact today our consultants to learn more about the complete range of Pemo Pumps. With his presence with subsidiaries, representatives, and agents in 20 countries, Pemo Pumps can supply your slurry pumps everywhere in the world.







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