The main industries that benefit from the applications of the PEMO Pumps are:

  • Mining industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Marble and Granite industry
  • OFMSW treatment
  • Filter press pumps
  • Iron industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry

Thanks to their great versatility, PEMO Pumps can be successfully used also in a large number of applications that seemed impossible under the prevailing operating conditions when designed.

For particular conditions all the possible pumping problems are studied in strict collaboration with the technicians working in our customers’ companies in order to guarantee always the best solution at the best conditions

A further advantage is obtained by the manifacturers of purification or processing plants: direct pump maintenance is eliminated, an advantage that is all the more appreciable when plants are scattered around the world.


Pemo Pumps are used extensively in these markets due to the wide variety of Models and Configurations. Pumps available for this application include Horizontal, Vertical and Submersible Designs.
Pemo Pumps used for this application are designed specifically for abrasive and or acid/corrosive fluid applications and are available in a number of materials including Rubber Lined, Hardalloy PEMO (750-800 HB), Stainless Steel and Hastelloy
Some Models can operate to a maximum pressure of 20 bar (290 psi).
Some of the applications for PEMO pumps include, slurry transfer in ponds, hydrocylone feed and yellowcake slurry transfer.

slurry pump for mining -1


Pemo pumps are used for transfer of slurries. The main Models for these applications are the Horizontal, Verticaland Submersible Models.
The Horizontal Models of the AO/AB and AO/AB/DC series are the primary Pemo Models used to transfer concentrated slurries from thickeners to ponds or to filter press systems when there are high pressure losses due to long pumping distances.
The side suction design reduces the maximum pressure on the seal to the fluid inlet pressure instead of the higher pump discharge pressure.This reduces maintenance on the seals greatly increasing the life of the seal and reliability of the pump.
Some Models can operate up to 1500 m3/h (6613 gpm).
Maximum head on some models can reach 150 m/H20 (492 ft).


Any of the PEMO pump Models can be used to transfer slurry to hydrocyclones for separation of sand and heavy particulates.
Some Models can operate up to 1500 m3/h (6613 gpm).
Standard pressures up to 3 bar (44 psi).
Solution contact surfaces for the PEMO pumps used in this application are all rubber lined or made of Hardalloy PEMO (750-800HB). 


In 2008, Pemo upgraded the AUS series Vertical pumps to include larger and higher output models.
These new models were promoted to many existing customers and were then tested verses a number of horizontal pumps that traditionally have been used to feed Hydrocyclones.
Due to the seal-less design, open impeller and other features of the AUS Series Vertical pumps, the cost to operate these pumps verses horizontal pumps showed energy savings of 15-30% in most applications.
The AUS Series pumps can be effectively used for this application if the suction is from buffer tanks that are maximum of 2 m (7’) in height.


Pumps for the transfer of ceramic slip , ceramic glazes and plants for the recovery of powders to to be used in the production cycle again.

Our experience in this sector , in synergy with the efforts of our research and development , allows us to offer tailored solutions to typical problems of the ceramic industry .

We can do a lot to solve any specific problem of transport of abrasive material.

Anti-abrasive pumps for:

  • Transfer of slips from grinding mills to the storage tanks and from the storage tanks to tanks feeding the spray dryers;
  • Transfer of glazes to glazing cabins by means of special selpriming vertical pumps installed in containers in which the glaze is continuously mixed by the same working pump in order to prevent sedimentation.
  • Pumping of muddy waters coming from all working areas for their elimination or for the total recovery of the ceramic powders.
  • Fully automated patented systems for the recovery of the ceramic powders coming from the filters in the pressing machines areas and their mixing with water to obtain again slips with transfer to spray dryers for their immediate reutilization
  • Pumping of thickened sludge
  • Feeding of filter press for the great of the ceramic muds.g of filter press for the greatest dehydratation of the ceramic muds.

The greatest advantage of the PEMO Pumps in the ceramic industry is due to the almost unlimited duration of the rubber linings of casings and impellers, which in practical terms means that our pumps can work restless five/six years at least without maintenance.

PEMO PUMP MOD. S-ATM AO/AB/TC/AS-B77 for production of ceramic body

Our S-ATM Triple Stage Pumps are the premiere choice to feed spray dryers.
These pumps are at the core of more ceramic plants and a constant technological success.
Capacity: from 0 to 60 m3/h of slip, density up to 1750 gr/lt
Pressure: up to 22/25 bar,

POWDER DISSOLVER to create a density-controlled liquid solution out of any type of dust soluble

The Perissinotto Powder Dissolver was designed to create a density-controlled liquid solution out of any type of dust soluble in water or other liquids. Its applications range from dust coming from dust filters, hydrocyclones on spray dryers, colored oxides, and recycled dusts.

PEMO PUMP for the feeding of the gang saws, is the beating heart of granite saw-mills. It was only after its ‘birth’, fourty years ago, that the modern granite gang-saws could be manifactured.

Since 1947 PEMO Pumps have been totally changing the way to process marble blocks, and later they have also been able to give raise to the design, manufacture and further development of granite gang-saws as well. Their steady mechanical features along with our continuous research to improve the wear resistance of rubber mixing blades have always ranked PEMO Pumps as the leading ones in their segment.
Within the evolution of the granite gang-saws, with the blade-holding frame being bigger and bigger in size, the PEMO Pumps have been always adapted to the increase of the required new water flow according to the number of sawing blades, without forgetting their high performing results with a lesser consumption of electric power.
Wear resistance and consistent performance over time are the hallmark of our pumps which have made us a leading player in the industry.
New Pemo 2000 rain units for mixture distribution, for uniform, homogeneous distribution of the mixture on the block being cut.
Built with the use of special materials to resist wear and with forms specifically designed to promote uniform and continuous flow without clogging, new PEMO 2000 rain units have conquered the market.
The PEMO pumps – PEMO 2000 rain units combination represents the most advanced solution available today for feeding granite gangsaws.

The other PEMO products for granite and marble processing

The PEMO brand is also distinguished in the production of bleed pumps, filter press pumps, grit dosers, lime dosers, washers, mixers and mixture flow control systems.

Anti-abrasive centrifugal pumps for pumping OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) after pre-treatment (milling) to the storage and decantation tanks, for the feeding of the anaerobic digesters and for the recirculation of the digestate in both a “mesophilic” and “thermophilic” environment.

Years of field experience in solving problems for customers operating in this specific sector have led us to create a unique product, tailored to every need.

Some of the most appreciated features are:

  • Longer life, thanks to WEAR-RESISTANT components
  • No clogging, thanks to the special geometry of bodies and impellers
  • Flow rates up to 1500 m3/h
  • Head up to 160 m.c.l.