Slurry pumps for stone industry

Pemo pumps changed the history of the stone industry

PEMO PUMP for the feeding of the gang saws, is the beating heart of granite saw-mills. It was only after its ‘birth’, fourty years ago, that the modern granite gang-saws could be manifactured.


Since 1947 PEMO Pumps have been totally changing the way to process marble (type of stone) blocks, and later they have also been able to give raise to the design, manufacture and further development of granite (type of stone) gang-saws as well. Their steady mechanical features along with our continuous research to improve the wear resistance of rubber mixing blades have always ranked PEMO Pumps as the leading ones in their segment.
Within the evolution of the granite (type of stone) gang-saws, with the blade-holding frame being bigger and bigger in size, the PEMO slurry Pumps have been always adapted to the increase of the required new water flow according to the number of sawing blades, without forgetting their high performing results with a lesser consumption of electric power.


Wear resistance and consistent performance over time are the hallmark of our slurry pumps which have made us a leading player in the industry.
New Pemo 2000 rain units for mixture distribution, for uniform, homogeneous distribution of the mixture on the block being cut.
Built with the use of special materials to resist wear and with forms specifically designed to promote uniform and continuous flow without clogging, new PEMO 2000 rain units have conquered the market.


The PEMO sludge pumps – PEMO 2000 rain units combination represents the most advanced solution available today for feeding granite (type of stone) gangsaws.

PEMO PUMP for the feeding of the gang saws

The other PEMO products for granite and marble processing

The PEMO brand is also distinguished in the production of bleed pumps, filter press pumps, grit dosers, lime dosers, washers, mixers and mixture flow control systems.