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Pemo Pumps Italian excellence in custom pumps

Pemo Pumps is an Italian excellence in the custom pumps market. With a production 100% made in Italy, 60% of Pemo Pumps revenues comes from direct sales worldwide. The rest of our sales are to Italian companies for direct use and for selling wordwide. Pemo Pumps has subsidiaries, representatives, and agents in many countries and has more than 4,000 customers in the world.


The history of Pemo Pumps

Pemo Pumps, a leading global manufacturer in custom pumps, was founded in Vimodrone (Milan, Italy) in 1947 by the Perissinotto family. Since 1953, we have mainly manufactured special centrifugal pumps for abrasive and/or acid applications. In June 2021, Pemo Pumps sold the 40,000th custom pump, and now we produce about one thousand pumps a year.

Pemo Pumps operates over an area of 12,000 m2 and is specialized in the design and construction of centrifugal pumps suitable for the most heavy duty (LINK) applications which involve the transfer of abrasive and acid slurries

The company sells its products all over the World with representatives, and agents in many countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, South Africa,  Australia, Peru, and Chile and has more than 4,000 customers globally.

In Brasil and the USA PEMO PUMPS operates two subsidiaries, Perissinotto do Brasil and PEMO USA, with warehouses to better serve two important markets.

60% of Pemo Pumps revenues comes from direct sales worldwide, 40% comes from Italian companies (which in turn sell mostly to foreign customers too). Our visibility now is global, and the Pemo Pumps brand is an Italian excellence in the manufacturing market worldwide.

The philosophy of a custom pumps manufacturer

With a heritage of more than 75 years, Pemo Pumps teams have the best knowledge to understand not only the process of manufacturing custom pumps, but they also know exactly which type of pump is needed depending on use. Thanks to an artisan and well burned manufacturing process, we are highly flexible in the production of custom-made pumps, ensuring the required delivery on time to the customer.

Starting from the customer needs, we design and manufacture fully internally the right custom pump for every use. This process provides the shortest delivery time, the right price and mostly the availability of all spare parts for years.

Every single project is an opportunity for us to prove our strong expertise and to make the most of our great talent assets”. Fabrizio Perissinotto, Pemo Pumps board of directors.

Advantages of custom pumps

Heavy duty pumps and slurry pumps have several applications, and it is impossible to have just one standard pump for every use. Every customer has his own need, his area of work and his type and volume of stuff to pump out. For that, Pemo Pumps teamwork is mostly dedicated to build and assemble the right components to customize the perfect pump for the specific client.

Customized pumps are better than standard pumps to pump out materials and liquids because they offer several advantages:

    • Custom pumps can be designed to meet the specific requirements of the application, such as flow rate, pressure, viscosity, temperature, and corrosiveness of the fluid.
    • They can improve the efficiency and reliability of the pumping system, reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs, and downtime.
    • Finally, they can enhance the safety and environmental performance of the operation, minimizing leaks, spills, and emissions.

Pemo Custom Pumps Fab

Why Pemo Pumps

Pemo Pumps range of solutions gives the best quality in pumping performance for abrasive and corrosive liquids.

“Every day we provide to more than 4,000 customers worldwide the best knowledge, a high level of personalization, a full range of spare parts available internally with the support of our internal repair service – says Fabrizio Perissinotto, Pemo Pumps bard of directors -. These features quickly provide a response to our customers’ needs and a complete control of the production line. Thanks to our open attitude, our teams learn everyday how to improve our products from customer and supplier’s feedbacks”.

With 5% of all sales income intended for R&D, Pemo Pumps works every day on a continuous reach of new materials and technologies to update his portfolio. Which means an advancement of a new model every year.

Pemo Custom Pumps Company

Pemo Pumps references

We have several references in different markets at the same time we are market leaders in manufacturing pumps for the ceramic industry.

Pemo Pumps products are used in managing hot water in steel mills with the opportunity to reuse and recycle the water in a sustainable way.

We have a lot of references in slurring treatment in the mining sector, also in anaerobic digestion and in materials washing in quarries and in the food sector. Moreover, Pemo Pumps drives the innovation in filterpress feeding, where we have little or no competition.

Pemo Pumps products are also used in managing hot water in steel mills with the opportunity to reuse and recycle the water in a sustainable way.

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