PEMO, headquartered in a 20000 m2 factory complex in Vimodrone – Milan, Italy, is world renown for designing and manufacturing customized centrifugal pumps for the most difficult abrasive and/or acid applications.

Since opening our doors in 1947, we have built and shipped over 38,000 pumps.

We have representatives & agents selling PEMO pumps around the world including Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Poland, Brasil, Egypt, Singapore, USA, Perù, Chile and South Africa.


    Right from its foundation, our company has always been leader in the research and application of the new technologies deriving from our experience and from the continuous contact with our customers.

    Development of new products and the search for new materials are in continuous evolution , to meet the requests of the market for various application fields . Over the last few years five new models were born, designed with the help of powerful three-dimensional software for the calculation of fluid dynamics and developed with modern CAD- CAM  technologie.


    Each Pemo Pump production phase is followed by an highly specialized staff, equipped with the best technologies to express in the most efficient way its 50 years expertise.