Trade fair dates 2024

Here’s the trade fair dates 2024 in the mining, construction, and recycling industries. You also find all the most important trade fair dates 2024 in chemistry, water treatment, Oil&Gas and Biogas sector.

All the trade fair dates 2024 in this list are about international events and taking part of these it’s mandatory to stay updated on new technologies in construction, mining, water, and waste treatment. To choose these trade fair dates 2024 and places in Europe (Germany, France, UK), in Africa, in South America (Lima, Belo Horizonte), North America (Las Vegas, Toronto) in Eastern Europe and in Italy too (Rimini) allows you to get in touch with al the best suppliers in technology and manufacturing in the world. Check all the trade fair dates 2024!

We at Perissinotto strongly believe in the power of these trade fairs. Everytime we choose from this trade fair dates 2024 list and go, as exhibitor or simply visitor, we come back at home with new relationships and business opportunities. So, follow us and get in touch with our agents for the next fair, we wait for you.

Below you’ll find the trade fair dates 2024 we choose, the name of the event, the official link for more information and how Perissinotto attend it, as an exhibitor or as a visitor.

Trade fair dates 2024
Pemo Pumps at one of the first fairs we participated in.

Trade fair dates 2024 in chronological order

Trade fair dates 2024 from January to March

Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 10-11 January 2024.
Why attend: Creating resilient and responsible mineral value chains in Africa, Western and Central Asia.
Pemo Pumps is there as a visitor.

Bio360 Expo in Nantes (FR), 24-25 January 2024.
Why attend: With a focus on expo renewable carbon, bioenergy, and bioeconomy, Bio360 Expo is where potential turns into progress. Explore cutting-edge technologies, discover new horizons, and immerse yourself in the world of renewable solutions that are revolutionizing industries and reshaping our world.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

PDAC in Toronto (Canada), 3-6 March 2024.
Why attend: The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention is the leading event for people, companies and organizations connected to mineral exploration. The annual award winning PDAC Convention in Toronto, Canada brings together up to 30,000 attendees from over 130+ countries.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Expo Revestir in Sau Paulo (Brazil), 19-22 March 2024.
Why attend: fair aimed at professionals in the architecture, interior design and building materials retail sector. Innovative materials and solutions for engineering, architecture, interior design and construction projects, Every year, over 300 exhibitors and brands come together for 4 days, providing knowledge, new technologies and networking, Information and business opportunities for building material retailers.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Trade fair dates 2024 from April to June

UzMiningExpo in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), 3-5 April 2024.
Why attend: One of the main events of the mining industry will bring together leading specialists, experts, representatives of large enterprises and industry organizations who will be able to exchange solutions on the introduction of the latest technologies and the use of modern equipment.
Pemo Pumps is there as a visitor.

Brazil Mining in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). 23-25 April 2024.
Why attend: Brazil Mining Conference is the annual event covering the hot topics of the mining industry of Brazil, one of the most important mining centers in Latin America and in the world.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Batimatec Expo in Algeri (Algeria), 5-9 May 2024.
Why attend: the International Building, Construction Materials and Public Works Exhibition is an annual event which has seen its consecration strengthened over the years, the result of conscientious work combined on all fronts and tirelessly, granting it international notoriety and confirming its rank on a continental scale.
Pemo Pumps is there as a visitor.

IFAT in Munich (Germany), 13-17 May 2024.
Why attend: IFAT Munich is a solution platform, networking event and knowledge hub. It brings together the most important international industry representatives from politics, business, and science. And it offers exciting ideas and innovative solutions for industrial and municipal challenges.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Exponor in Antofagasta (Chile), 3-6 June 2024.
Why attend: Exponor showcases the latest advances aimed at the mining sector. It is a strategic source of information on future investments, and an opportunity to connect on site with companies and exhibitors. It has a comprehensive program of activities aimed at generating business opportunities and creating and strengthening national and international business networks.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Achema in Frankfurt (Germany), 10-14 June 2024.
Why attend: Achema is the home for the full scope of technology and services for the process industry. Manufacturers, service providers and forward thinkers meet at Achema in a single place, thus overcoming the boundaries between different specialist fields and industries.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Hillhead in Buxton (UK), 25-27 June.
Why attend: Hillhead is the biggest exhibition of its kind in the world and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Set in the stunning and unique surroundings of a real Derbyshire limestone quarry, the show continues to expand and set new records, with 600 exhibitors attending this year.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Trade fair dates 2024 from July to September

World Biogas Expo 2024 in Birmingham (UK), 10-11 July 2024.
Why attend: World Biogas Expo is the world leading trade expo dedicated to biogas from an idea of The Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Environmental Services & Solutions Expo in Birmingham (UK), 11-12 September 2024.
Why attend: ESS is where the industry’s top players gather to shape the future of our planet. As the premier event dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations and solutions in the fields of circular economy, net-zero emissions, sustainability and biodiversity conservation, ESS provides a platform for collaboration that will be a pivotal cornerstone in the journey towards a greener and more ecologically balanced planet.
Pemo Pumps is there as a exhibitor.

ExpoMina in Lima (Peru), 11-13 September 2024.
Why attend: After several publications that were consolidated, ExpoMina will house its doors at the Jockey Exhibition Center, located in the city of Lima, Peru. For three days, ExpoMina will bring together the main mining producers in a space of 47,000 m², which will contain more than 1,270 stands and international delegations. The latest in machinery, technology and services will be on display for many miles of visitors who are expected to receive them.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Kazcomak in Almaty (Kazakistan), 17-19 September 2024.
Why attend: Kazcomak is the main specialized exhibition in Kazakhstan, attracting key international and major local companies engaged in the development of quarries and related operations, production of asphalt, road patching and renovation, handling machinery and equipment, communal equipment, construction of industrial projects, and housing and public utilities construction.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

MINExpo in Las Vegas (USA), 24-26 September 2024.
Why attend: At MINExpo, the industry’s largest global mining event, you will uncover new products and transformative technology that can help you increase productivity and safety. Massive machinery. Innovative solutions. Essential resources. Every element from exploration, planning and processing to safety, sustainability and reclamation is here.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Tecna in Rimini (Italy), 24-27 September 2024.
Why attend: an international marketplace in the heart of the most creative, innovative, and technological country in the world for surfaces. Organized by Acimac (Association of Ceramic Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers) and IEG – Italian Exhibition Group, the event offers, every two years, the best of aesthetic and process innovation for the sector, hosting all the major companies at the fair and attracting Rimini many international buyers.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Trade fair dates 2024 from October to December

SIM in Dijon (France), 2-4 October 2024.
Why attend: the SIM exhibition (Exhibition of the Congress of Mineral Industry Society) is the leading point of contact for the extractive industries sector in France. It highlights the equipment and know-how of the suppliers of products and services in the sector.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Ecomondo in Rimini (Italy), 5-8 November 2024.
Why attend: Ecomondo, ECOsystem of the ecological transition, is the meeting and dialogue point between industries, stakeholders, policy makers, opinion leaders, local authorities and collects and systematizes the key elements that define the development strategies of the European Union’s environmental policy. It is the reference international event in Europe and the Mediterranean basin for technologies, services, and industrial solutions in the green and circular economy sectors.
Pemo Pumps is there as an exhibitor.

Biogas Convention & Trade Fair in Hannover (Germany), 13-14 November 2024.
Why attend: the BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair, the annual conference of the German Biogas Association, this year take place in Hannover. National and international visitors and participants can focus entirely on current topics, information and innovations relating to biogas.
Pemo Pumps is there as a visitor.

So here’s the trade fair dates 2024 list where Perissinotto will attend: which event will you attend? Check for these trade fair dates 2024 and write us and let’s arrange a meeting!

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