Our story begins in 1947 in a small area, and now our offices and workshop covers more than 12’000 m2 in Vimodrone, near Milan city center.

Our core business is the manufacture of special centrifugal pumps (PEMO Pumps) for abrasive and/ or acid applications.

Perissinotto S.P.A.

Last January (2019) we sold and celebrate the 38’000 th Pump.

Why many companies trust us? Because of more than 70 years of know-how!

We not only know about pumps, but also about the processes where they are used.

One of our pluses is that we are highly flexible in terms of products and customer approach. In fact our pumps are tailor made and we build products that fit the perfect need of our clients.
Each part of the pumps is produced internally and Made in Italy and this means shortest delivery times.
Of course we can provide a CE conformity certificate.

Our clients choose us because of the concorrential pricing and then remain with us because they trust us and our services.

One of our strengths is that spare parts are always available internally and we can offer an internal repair service.
We want to take care of our customers and we have a high sense of responsibility towards them.

For us every single project is an opportunity to prove our strong expertise and to make the most of our great talent asset.
We are always open to new technical challenges!

And you? Are you ready to begin? Call us and discover how we can help you!