Vertical Sludge Pump Installed

Sludge Pump Solutions for Various Industrial Sectors

Many sectors require in their processes the use of different types of sludge pumps: from mining and quarrying sector to ceramic industry, from processing of stone, marble and granite to paper factory, from water filtration to the treatment of organic fraction of urban solid waste.

For each of these fields PEMO is able to propose types of slurry pumps suitable for suction and transport, whether they are dense, abrasive, acidic or from purification sludge.

Some of these models are available in various materials such as rubber coatings, Hardalloy PEMO alloy (750-800 HB), stainless steel and Hastelloy and they can work up to a pressure of 20 bar.

“Thickened sludge Pumps”

When someone says ‘Thickened Sludge Pumps’, they mean ‘PUMPS FOR Thickened SLUDGE”.

So let’s talk about this: for example the aggregate sector requires the use of pumps for thickened sludge. They are capable of handling it during lagooning and able to empower the hydrocyclones.

For this field PEMO includes types of pumps for thickened sludge in both horizontal and vertical and submerged versions. Some of them reach a flow rate of 1500 cubic meters per hour.

For the transfer of concentrated or thickened sludge we mainly use horizontal models AO / AB and AO / AB / DC with lateral suction series. They can control the maximum pressure that acts on the sealing bodies by keeping it lower than that of the incoming fluid. This allows us to reduce the consumption of the seals by extending their life and it improves the reliability of our slurry pumps.

“Sewage Sludge Pumps” 

When someone says ‘Sewage Sludge Pumps’, they mean ‘PUMPS FOR SEWAGE SLUDGE”.

So let’s talk about this: high-pressure pumps for filter presses are the most indicated for treating sewage sludge. PEMO offers a range of 40 types of centrifugal slurry pumps which are conceived for supplying one, two or three-stage versions filter presses and which have a flow rates up to 1100 m3 / hour and pressures of 21 bar.

The advantage of Pemo pumps for sewage sludge is the lateral suction on the horizontal design. It is perfect to optimally manage the supply and discharge pressure, so to guarantee a real benefit to the mechanical seal.

These models can reach a flow rate of 1500 m3 / h. Some pumps for sewage sludge can be proposed in vertical or submerged versions.

“Abrasive Sludge Pumps”

When someone says ‘Abrasive Sludge Pumps’, they mean ‘PUMPS FOR ABRASIVE SLUDGE’. PemoPumps propose several models of PEMO pumps for abrasive sludge:

  • The Jolly series offers vertical slurry pumps with a flow rate from 5 to 2000 m3 / h. They are able to work with a maximum pressure from 6 to 7 bars and are designed according to the customer’s needs.
  • Mec vertical pumps have flow rates from 5 to 2000 m3 / h and a maximum available pressure from 6 to 7 bar.
  • AUS ones have similar characteristics to those of Jolly and offer vertical pumps capable of running dry because they do not have mechanical seal systems.
  • Among the horizontal models designed for applications with highly abrasive and / or acidic sludge, the AO / TI and AO / TD [MP1] series offer front suction pumps with single or double mechanical seals, with flow rates from 1 to 2000 m3 / h.
  • The AO / AB horizontal slurry pumps, flagship of PEMO production, guarantee resistance and durability to the mechanical seal thanks to their lateral suction.
  • Submersible pumps are designed to work with highly abrasive sludge. They are all equipped with thermal probes: one to monitor the engine temperature, one for the oil level for detecting any infiltration into the oil chamber and a device for analyzing the probes’ signals.

Like all the models proposed by Perissinotto S.p.A., PEMO sludge pumps are tailor-made for the customer’s needs, including pumping abrasive slurries. In fact, we offer a huge choice of materials and models and over seventy years of experience of a company which since 1947 takes care of its products during and after the purchase and installation