Our submersible pumps are designed for applications with highly abrasive sludge.

Pemo electric pumps are made with high energy efficiency motors in compliance with international directives, with flow rates up to 700 m3 / h and maximum pressure 7 bar.

We design our pumps with double mechanical seal in oil bath in both silicon carbide or tungsten carbide. We offer deep-groove ball bearings, lubricated for life and maintenance-free, and we can proudly say that they are designed and built to last.

All our submersible pumps are equipped with a thermal probe to control the engine temperature and a probe to measure the oil level, which allows to detect any infiltration into the oil chamber.

In addition, all Pemo Pumps of this type are sold with an attached device for analyzing the signals coming from the thermal probe and the oil probe.

On request we can also supply a hydraulic and / or mechanical stirrer.

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