In 2022 PemoPUMPS is taking part in several exhibitions. Until a few decades ago, sector events were practically the only way to promote companies, products and services worldwide. Pump exhibitions were also included in this category.

Thanks to web and social media, nowadays information circulates much more easily and quickly. For example, a well-made video can effectively illustrate the features and operations of a product, or help strengthen the image of a company or brand. Online events, seminars and webinars can promote companies, professionals and products without any limitation, even at a relatively low cost.

Yet national and international industry events such as successful pump exhibitions still exist. They offer opportunities that digital can only get close to, and which become real through face-to-face meetings and handshakes.

Attending trade fairs is for Pemo PUMPS an opportunity for:

  • meeting people interested in our business and networking;
  • exchanging know-how with companies in our sector or in related industries;
  • opening the door to possible collaborations and jobs;
  • acquiring leads, i.e. obtaining contacts from possible customers;
  • come into contact with new markets at international trade fairs;
  • strengthening the identity and recognizability (identity) of the brand.

The centrifugal slurry pump industry is not an exception. If much of the marketing takes place online, slurry pump exhibitions still represent a valuable opportunity to promote the company and its products.

In this article, we will discover the main fairs for slurry pump exhibitions, in which also Perissinotto S.p.A. – Pemo PUMPS has taken or will take part in 2022.

Ifat Monaco May 30 May – June 3

IFAT is the largest exhibition for environmental technologies in the world, to which Pemo PUMPS will attend. It is the most important exhibition for all companies that deal directly or indirectly with the management of water, wastewater, waste and raw materials. It is normally held every two years, but the 2020 edition was not held due to COVID-19.

IFAT 2022 takes place from May 30 to June 3, in the usual setting of the Munich Trade Fair Centre. The previous edition, in 2018, saw the participation of 3,305 exhibitors from all over the world, spread over 260,000 square metres of exhibition space, and over 142,000 visitors.

Although it is not exactly one of the main pump exhibitions, slurry pumps find place as essential components of the treatment of clear water, wastewater, sludge and municipal waste. In fact, the slurry pumps are the protagonists of these processes on which the attention of the show and its visitors is focused.

What is exhibited?

The huge IFAT exhibition spaces display the services and products of companies that deal with:

  • waste collection and transport;
  • vehicles and superstructures;
  • waste treatment and recycling;
  • biological treatment and composting;
  • landfills;
  • plants and equipment for recycling, conditioning and use of secondary raw materials;
  • mechanical transmission, fluid technology and power generation units;
  • general purpose equipment, devices and accessories;
  • safety and accident prevention;
  • and more.

Perissinotto S.p.A. – Pemo Pumps, present in HALL B1 at stand 134, exhibits two models of centrifugal slurry pumps at the fair:

  • K125-AI AO / TD / AS-B55
  • 403 SUM.

The first is a horizontal slurry pump, the second a submersible slurry pump. Both models are designed to withstand high pressures and highly abrasive particles, ensuring long life and ease of maintenance.

Type of events in IFAT

As in all pump exhibitions, there are various themed events such as forums and debates, presentations, guided tours and live demonstrations.

The events revolve around some specific issues:

  • future of water;
  • circular economy and resource efficiency;
  • sustainable cities and municipalities;
  • intelligent drives and zero emissions.

Peculiarities of IFAT exhibition

The peculiarity of IFAT is certainly given by the centrality of environmental issues, which goes beyond the simple show of the most recent and innovative technologies and also involves the typical aspects of the circular economy and efficiency in the use of resources and raw materials.

Exponor Chile exhibition June 13 – June 16

Exponor Chile exhibition is one of the leading international exhibitions for technologies and innovations in the mining and energy sector, in which Pemo PUMPS is leader.

Although this event is not specifically included in the exhibitions of slurry pumps, the latter are a crucial part of the processes that characterise these sectors.

Exponor 2022 takes place from 13 to 16 June in Antofagasta, a port city in northern Chile, approximately 1,100 kilometres north of the capital Santiago.

National and international companies and suppliers from the mining and energy sectors participate, including Pemo PUMPS. It’s a valuable opportunity to interact with buyers and decision makers, build business relationships and generate a portfolio of potential customers.

The previous edition dates back to 2019, and saw the presence of 1,000 exhibitors, 41,000 technical visitors and 30 countries from all continents.

According to an estimate by the organisers, Exponor 2019 has generated a turnover quantifiable in 885 million dollars.

What is exhibited?

The most recent and innovative technologies related to the energy and mining sectors are exhibited at Exponor.

Studies, researches and case histories are also presented. In fact, it is a precious opportunity to acquire and exchange know-how and knowledge.

Indeed, among the exhibitors we find:

  • energy producing companies;
  • suppliers of the energy sector;
  • suppliers with energy efficiency solutions;
  • universities and research centres for renewable energies;
  • trade associations in the energy sector;
  • public institutions, associations, organisations and media related to energy.

Types of events at Exponor

Beside the exhibition hall, Exponor offers many events ranging from sector conferences to meetings among technical delegations.

It is possible to participate in round tables and seminars, and in networking activities at the end of the day.

Particularly interesting is the possibility of making visits to construction sites, to learn about the main mining and energy activities in Chile, their projects and the operational challenges they face.

Peculiarities of the Exponor Chile exhibition

Exponor is an exhibition that takes place precisely in a geographical area where economy revolves precisely around the energy and mining sectors to which the fair is dedicated.

Indeed, the Antofagasta region is the world’s mining capital. It boasts 18 active mining projects which, together with the main suppliers in the sector, send technical delegations of workers to Exponor, which search for new technologies and innovative solutions, including those related to slurry pumps.

These working sites can be the destination for training visits, organised as fair events.

The World Biogas Expo Birmingham June 15 -16

The World Biogas Expo international exhibition is scheduled in Birmingham at the National Exhibition Center, from June15 to 16 2022, with numerous exhibitors including Pemo PUMPS.

It is the only international fair dedicated exclusively to anaerobic digestion and the biogas industry: the ideal opportunity to discover the news offered by the market and technology in every sector, including slurry pumps for plants in this field.

The World Biogas Expo is also a platform that allows professionals from all over the world to network, share best practices and strengthen business relationships.

What is exhibited?

Like any trade fair, The World Biogas Expo presents the most innovative services and products for the sector of interest, and gives space to all organisations and realities working in the biogas sector, all over the world.

Among the exhibitors we find for example:

  • national associations, biogas operators and developers;
  • equipment suppliers such as our Pemo PUMPS;
  • water companies;
  • companies in the agricultural sector;
  • waste management company;
  • academic and research institutes.

Type of events inside

Within the exhibition spaces, The World Biogas Expo also offers events and opportunities for debate: conferences, seminars, round tables, meetings with delegations and networking activities.

A particular networking activity is the so-called “Farmer Breakfast“: a breakfast dedicated to operators of anaerobic digestion plants in agriculture, farmers interested in the benefits of anaerobic digestion and all stakeholders in the sector.

The main aim is to bring agricultural communities together to build strong partnerships with the goal of decarbonising the agricultural sector in Great Britain.

A similar target is the basis of the “Local Authorities Lunch“, a lunch with local authorities to network and promote the use of biogas as renewable energy.

Peculiarities of The World Biogas Expo

World Biogas Expo in Birmingham also hosts:

  • The World Biogas Summit;
  • AD & Biogas Industry Awards.

The first event is a world forum among the main leaders on the topic of anaerobic digestion and biogas. The second is an award reserved for companies very important in this sector.


ACHEMA FRANKFURT is the world’s leading trade fair for the process industry, and an unmissable event for anyone involved in chemical engineering, process engineering and biotechnology.

Although the 2021 edition has been postponed to 2022, the event is normally held every three years in Frankfurt. It is a multisectoral and interdisciplinary exhibition, which can be considered among the most important fairs dedicated to slurry pumps.

ACHEMA FRANKFURT 2018 saw the participation of about 3,800 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and almost 500 accredited journalists, and was visited by 145,000 people from all over the world: among them, over 107,000 professionals in the sector.

In addition to the actual exhibition, a congress completes the in-depth study of the topics of the event, proposing various scientific conferences and events for guests and partners.

What is exhibited?

Since it is a multidisciplinary and intersectoral exhibition, the range of exhibitors is very wide and diversified.

At Achema Frankfurt we find for example:

  • laboratory equipment;
  • slurry pumps;
  • analytical devices;
  • packing machines;
  • boilers;
  • agitators, etc.

but also safety technologies, materials and software that can satisfy the entire needs of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food production industries.

Type of events in the exhibition

As for the other international fairs, various events are planned in the exhibition spaces as a corollary to ACHEMA.

The congress combined with the exhibition, for example, will offer a particular insight into the economy of hydrogen, fossil free production, digitalization in the process industry, and bioproduction technologies. The lectures will be perfectly integrated into the fair: they will take place directly on the stages within the exhibition space.

Instead, in the Digital Lab Action Area it will be possible to experience an authentic smart laboratory.

A corollary to the fair is also the Career Forum, a networking event focused on applications, career paths and professional prospects offered by the process industry.

Peculiarities of the exhibition ACHEMA FRANKFURT

A peculiar feature of Achema Frankfurt is the particular attention to start-ups.

An entire exhibition area (in the “Research and innovation” sector) is dedicated to young companies and founders of new businesses, and above all, the ACHEMA Start-up Award.

The winner of the latter is selected from ten finalists who in Achema have the opportunity to demonstrate how science and technology, accompanied by ambition and perseverance, can generate new services, profitable products and process innovation.

RWM BIRMINGHAM September 14-15

Although it is not really a slurry pump exhibition, RWM BIRMINGHAM represents an excellent stage for companies in the sector.

It is indeed the most important event in the UK for professionals in the waste, resources and sustainability sectors.

RWM Birmingham aims to be more than just an exhibition, and is proposed as a real platform to accelerate the transition to a healthier planet, thanks to greater respect for the environment and better use of natural resources.

For this reason, the fair debating crucial topics, presents innovative green technologies and uses the show as an international springboard for new solutions to the challenges posed for the future of the world.

Over 12,000 people are expected to attend the 2022 edition in two days.

What is exhibited?

The outdoor area is reserved for vehicle and machinery manufacturers exhibiting the latest innovations in waste collection and treatment equipment, while the actual exhibition space is divided into different thematic areas:

  • collection and transport;
  • machinery and equipment;
  • recyclers and regenerators;
  • truck in action;
  • energy from waste.

In each of these areas, leading entrepreneurs from the UK and the world exhibit their products and services, and especially the latest industry innovations.

Type of events within the exhibition

Alongside the fair itself, the organisation offers many social and networking events.

Some examples:

  • working lunch dedicated to the topic “Women and diversity in resource management”;
  • “Rising Stars” networking meeting, dedicated to start-ups;
  • “Innovation Awards”, an award dedicated to sector innovation;
  • health and safety workshops.

In addition to the official events, there are many informal occasions thanks to live music, street food and the presence of local pubs.

Peculiarities of the RWM Birmingham exhibition

RWM Birmingham is an experiential fair as well as a spectacular one. It is also characterised by the centrality of environmental issues, which starts from the exposure of the most recent and innovative technologies to the typical topics of the circular economy and efficiency in waste and resource management.

TECNA RIMINI September 27-30

Tecna is the main international exhibition of technologies and supplies for surfaces. Organized by the Italian Exhibition Group in collaboration with ACIMAC (the association of Italian manufacturers of plants, machines, equipment and semi-finished products, raw materials and services for the ceramic, brick and refractory materials industry), it normally takes place every two years at the Rimini Trade Show.

The 2018 edition saw the participation of 433 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, and almost 35,000 visitors from all over the world.

It is an event comparable to the most important fairs for slurry pump exposure, given the importance that the latter have in the processes of the ceramic sector.

What is exhibited?

The industrial sectors most interested in Tecna are those involved in the production and/or processing of:

  • pottery;
  • natural and reconstructed stones;
  • glass;
  • wood and parquet;
  • laminates and vinyl;
  • metallic materials.

Therefore it is dedicated to plants, machinery and equipment for

  • tiles, bathroom fixtures and tableware;
  • non-ceramic surfaces;
  • bricks;
  • raw materials, enamels, inks and chemicals;
  • solutions for traditional and digital decoration of surfaces;
  • design and creativity;
  • software and CAD;
  • finishing technologies;
  • solutions for automation and components;
  • logistics;
  • sustainable solutions for energy efficiency and purification.

Type of events inside

The main corollary event of TECNA is the “Decortech Conference”, which presents the most recent technological innovations for surface design.

The conference program offers a focus on the main issues of the non-ceramic surfaces industry through a confrontation among industry players presenting their latest solutions.

Peculiarities of the TECNA Rimini fair

Tecna takes place in the country where the surface industry represents world excellence.

Furthermore, it is a very complex event that revolves around seven main thematic focuses:

  • digitization, or research and creation of solutions and software for the evolution of production processes;
  • raw materials: how to prepare and install them;
  • decoration: research and creation of traditional and digital decoration systems;
  • finishing: treatment and cutting of large and extra-size formats;
  • handling and packaging;
  • logistics and transport;
  • green solutions for the reduction of polluting emissions, fumes, wastewater and other industrial waste and for the production of renewable energy.